Your home should have several layers of security including the ones illustrated in the following video.

The very first layer should be your driveway gate. It is common practice now for thieves to arrive at homes in a vehicle. The driveway gates  are derailed or forced open and they then drive up to the house and load their takings and then drive away.

What if you or your loved ones are inside and don’t have the benefit of an early warning? What if you don’t know that they have already derailed your gate.

Our system performs flawlessly  providing the occupant of the home with not only peace-of-mind but more importantly, the time required to act should something happen. It’s a known fact that what saves lives and helps avoid trauma  both physical and emotional, is having the time to act before the intruders get too close.

Whether you have a sliding gate or swing gates, whether the gate is automated or not. Our Early Warning System is what you need.

There is little to no maintenance is required on our system.

Protect your property by installing the SKM GATE GUARD.

Posted by Fencing by SKM – Pty Ltd on Monday, 27 April 2020

The moment your gate is opened an audible alarm is sounded alerting you to the fact that someone has opened your driveway gate. This alarm continues sounding until the gate is closed again.

We can install your SKM GATE GUARD onto your gate allowing you the critical time needed to act.

The SKM GATE GUARD is Simple, yet effective.

In addition to whatever other layers of security you may have in place, the SKM GATE GUARD is the ULTIMATE EARLY WARNING SYSTEM.

Our tips to you from a personal security point of view are:

Install the SKM GATE GUARD
– Have a plan. Practice your plan with the entire family.
– Do not leave your house to investigate unless you are trained and equipped.

– Call for help
– Stay calm.